Inlay The deceptively simple content management system.


  • One site, one editor.

$5/month $60/year



  • Unlimited sites and editor accounts.

$39/month $400/year


Static Pages. Dynamic Results.

Make your site editable, right in your browser, right away. And without being shoehorned into somebody else’s template, or having to install a database or configure a server.

It’s Your Site.

Use your design, not some canned template. You won’t need to chop up each page into a dozen cryptically-named pieces, either. Inlay lets you mark out parts of the page for editing by adding a simple HTML5 data-attribute to that element.

<div id="my_div">...</div>


<div id="my_div" data-inlay="intro:markdown">...</div>

And once you’ve made those changes, you can edit that page (or copies of it) in a browser, without writing or editing any code.

Your page URLs don’t change, and all your pages are still HTML. Every trace of the data-attributes are stripped out by Inlay, so there’s no way for anyone to know how you’re doing this!

FreewayIf you’re using Softpress Freeway, you can add Inlay easily with our Action. Designate editable areas with a click!

Change Your Design.

If you change your layout later, you won’t need to edit any of your pages to pick up the new look. Update your templates with one click in Inlay’s control panel, and your entire site will be up to date!

Get Started Now!

  1. Sign up for one of our convenient plans, and add your first site.
  2. Download our tiny proxy application, and upload it to your server.
  3. Mark the pages you want to be editable.
  4. Everything else happens in a browser. From anywhere.


Do you have clients or partners who need to edit the site? Invite them to Inlay, and they can start editing right away.