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Whether you’re looking for a few extra shifts or regular work, we’re the perfect solution. It’s free for professionals to use.

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Completely free for professionals

No Fees (hidden or otherwise)

Having good staff is important to us, that’s why we run background/license checks for free.

Direct deposit

We pay you directly. No checks and no transaction fees on our end.

Know everything up front

When you get invited to shift we tell you how much you’ll make before you’ve even accepted.

Decide exactly when you want to work

You only see shifts that fit the schedule you set. If you don’t want to work weekends, we won’t make you. You don’t have to commit to your availability either, you can always decline shift invitations.

How it works

Step 1: Enroll

Click get started and follow our enrollment process. Once you’ve finished enrolling we run a background & licensure check.

Step 2: Set Availability

Using our scheduling tool choose the times you’d like to work.

Step 3: Take Shifts

Once your background/license check is complete (usually 1–3 business days), facilities will be able to invite you to take shifts.

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